Day Eighty Six

My relationship with my brother, throughout recent years, has never been a good one. I think he’s a self-riteous pratt and he thinks I’m a self-obsessed bitch. And we’re both right.

Whenever we do try and hold a conversation we always end up screaming at each other. We’re always trying to out-do each other, to get the other in trouble, to prove the other wrong, to always be right. And it’s not fun. There’s a lot I can’t say, but home life is Hell because of him. In a way, I despise him, everything he’s done over the years and what he continues to do, I can’t stand him.

But he’s my brother. So I have to love him in some way, don’t I?

I’m spending the day with him tomorrow…well, we’re going shopping together. So we’ll see how that goes. If both of us come back alive then it’ll have been successful.


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